We are so glad we found a new home for some of our old blocks! They will live at David L. Moss, which is the Tulsa County jail downtown. Be Love Studio instructors Piper and Melissa are currently involved in teaching 4 weekly classes--2 men's 2 women's-- and the blocks will be used and appreciated by all. Many of the students are beginners so they will benefit greatly from having props.  Check out this amazing newscast about Yoga at David L Moss.  Inmates locked up inside David L. Moss practice yoga four times a week; no cost to taxpayers

  March's donations are going to WING IT.  "We at WING-IT strive to rehabilitate native Wildlife that have been found orphaned, sick, or injured. Our goal is to remedy, then release these animals back into the wild."

Total Raised, $264

Join us Monday's at 5:30pm to donate

  January 2015 all donations went to  the Plantbuilt Vegan Muscle Team!  The main purpose of the Plantbuilt Vegan Muscle Team is to raise awareness of the need for ethical treatment of animals and raise money for organizations such as animal sanctuaries.

Plantbuilt's mission statement explains it all"

"Accomplishing elite levels of strength, health, and wellness, is an extension of our compassion for life. Our lifestyle requires physical effort beyond our normal capacity, furthermore is the use of proper nutrition, rest, and mental well being. None of these require the destruction of animals . As a collective (PlantBuilt) we live, train, compete, and educate in our communities, showing the success of compassionate Veganism."

Total Raised, $217

  Be Love Studio was able to donate 11 yoga mats to a local school with an amazing yoga program, but no yoga mats!  Here is a great update from the yoga mats we donated to Jefferson/Jarman Elementary not long ago!

"Be Love, Thank you so much for your donation of yoga mats. Our students are thrilled to be learning Yoga! Your generosity has helped instill a love and passion for yoga in over 18 students at Jarman Elementary and 16 students at Jefferson Elementary. Both Jefferson and Jarman are Title 1 schools, so around 70% of the students who attend both schools are coming from families who are at or below the poverty level. We try to offer as many after school programs as possible to families, free of charge, mainly so they can experience activities they otherwise would not have the chance to.

Thank you again -- enjoy some pics of our little yogis!

Jessica McNeil,

Community School Coordinator

Jefferson/Jarman Elementary School Union Public Schools"

  November's (2014) donations went to Lori and Larry Owens. 

Details from November.  "Larry is a cancer survivor. 14 years ago, he detected a lump in his throat and it was tonsil and lymph node cancer. He endured 40 radiation treatments and surgery. The result of all that radiation is damage to his circulatory system, his tissue and his bones. In December of 2013, his jaw bone broke in half, exposing a half dollar size hole in his jawbone. Surgery to repair this has not been successful. A bone graft did not take, and now he has infection in the bone, and residing in the titanium plate and screws that hold it all together. All of this, along with his entire mandible must come out, and be replaced with good bone from his leg, as well as a skin flap to cover the 2 centimeter wound in his cheek that exposes his fragmented jaw bone, teeth, and titanium plate. The only surgeon willing to perform this 12-hour, 2-person surgery is in Florida. He repaired Larry's break in December. We could not find anyone here willing to take his case on. The money raised by the studio will help fund the mounting medical bills, and the 2 weeks or more stay in Florida. They have been in Florida from October 18, with surgery the 24th. 

Total Raised, $130

Total Raised, $276

September's 2014 donations went to one of our yoga instructors, Megan Spears.

 More about her story during this time here:  "Megan recently signed up for 500-hour yoga teacher training and shortly after was in a wreck and no longer has a car. With all of her money invested in growing her yoga training to share with Tulsa, we would like to help get her started in saving for a new car! All donations this month will go to Megan." 

Megan continues to be an asset to the Tulsa yoga community.  She continues to grow and teach and learn.  We are so thankful to have Megan as one of loving instructors at Be Love Yoga Studio.  Find Megan's schedule here.

Total Raised, $500

In August 2014 all donations went to Venetia Moore - a 28-year-old college student who just adopted her three nephews (ages 4,5, & 6).  The #belovecommunity raised over $444 (money just kept coming in after this picture.  Venetia was able to purchase a three tiered bunk bed for the boys (before they were sleeping in a single bed) and she was also able to purchase a washer and dryer (no more laundromats!).  

More about her story from August.  "Venetia recently gained custody of her three small nephews from California. She used gofundme.com to help raise money for her travel expense picking the boys up and to move into a larger house. Venetia is part of the #belovecommunity and she has been struggling with the added expense of taking care of her three nephews and the new larger house. Through it all Venetia has remained completely happy and loving and her heart is wide open. ALL Monday night Donations for the month of August will go directly to Venetia to help her pay her added expenses and take care of her boys."

How do we connect with the community?

         The Be Love Studio is as a safe place for people to come together. Our yoga classes, workshops and special events all serve a larger purpose which is connecting people so that we can all enjoy life together.  Every Friday night from 5:30-6:45pm​, the studio hosts a donation-based yoga class to raise money for a certain organization, business, family, or individual in the Tulsa community! 60% of the money raised in this class goes to the chosen cause and the other 40% goes directly to our guest instructor. Scroll down the page to see ways we have helped give back to the community.  


          Check our facebook page events to see who is teaching at each studio.

Facebook events for 6th and Peoria

Facebook events for 71st and Garnett

Join us at the Big Om Yoga RetreatOctober 14th-16th. The Big Om Yoga Retreat was created to bring the local yoga community  together for a deep and casual weekend of yoga, workshops and connection.  We intentionally kept the schedule light and playful to allow lots of time for the yomies (yoga+homies) to hang out.  More free time creates more organic experiences that can't happen with a tight schedule.  

Total Value, $250

  February's donations are going to 12 and 12 Tulsa.  The mission statement of 12 and 12 is this.  "Restore alcohol and other drug-dependent men and women as productive members of their families, work, and communities. The focus of 12&12 remains on the individual needs of each client."  Kasey and Piper both donate to 12 & 12 with Karma yoga and the money raised will be used to by props and items needed to continue yoga classes at 12 & 12.

Total Raised, $250

  December 2014's donations went to Iron Gate.  One of our instructors, Melissa Smith (pictured on right), regularly donates her time to Iron Gate and she was the reason we chose this amazing recipient.  

Iron Gate’s primary mission is food—a basic need. The soup kitchen provides a hot and nutritious meal every day from 8:00-10:30 a.m. The food pantry distributes grocery bags every Tuesday and Thursday 11:45 am to 1:00pm and every Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.. The kid’s pantry distributes kid’s packs along with regular groceries to those families with children.

Total value, $200

 Piper teaches every Monday at 9am at Be Love Studio, have you met her yet?  Be Love was recently able to donate a few lightly used mats to Piper, here is her story.
​ "I began teaching yoga at the Eddie Warrior Correctional Center in April 2014, where I teach weekly classes to a group of 20 women. I later expanded the program to David L. Moss, the Tulsa county jail downtown. Thanks to two local instructors who have joined the program, Sarah Thomas and Michael Siegle, we are currently offering 3 weekly classes at the jail for men and women. I am also grateful for all of the generous mat donations from friends and studios around town. I decided to teach yoga in prison to help prisoners learn ways to cope with living in an overcrowded and stressful environment. Oklahoma ranks #1 in the nation for the incarceration of women, and #3 for men. It is an expensive and toxic solution. Many people in prison are there because of trauma and addiction, who are then put in an isolating and traumatizing environment and expected to heal. Additionally, we are separating parents from their children, furthering the cycle of trauma. I believe we can do better to support the mental health needs of our community and find alternative solutions to prison to break the cycle of incarceration. If you would like more information, please contact me at pjaywolfe@gmail.com.

Total value, $400

  October 2014's donations went to Jared's Propops, a local probiotic soda and popsicle company created to provide children and adults with a healthy alternative treat.  

"Jared's Propops is expanding and he needs our help to grow! In conjunction with a new Kickstarter campaign we will be taking donations in our Monday night Be Strong Donation based class for Jared's Propops so that more kiddos and adults can find these healthy tastey probiotic choices! More great news?! Jared will be at our 1 year anniversary November 2nd with a keg of his newest probiotic propops drink, a satisfying alternative to soda! WINNING!"

"It started because I wished to show my nutrition clients how easy it was to incorporate fermented foods into their diet to improve their digestive health. I began using my own probiotic cultures to ferment smoothies and then delivered those to clients. After a couple months, I began making popsicles. They soon began to urge me to begin selling these all natural frozen treats, and I succumbed. At the same time, my children constantly asked if they could eat the popsicles as well. Then the idea hit me....... My kids love popsicles and the ones I was making for clients were all natural, organic, and healthy alternatives to most of the popsicles on the market today."

With the help of the #belovecommunity Jared was able to raise the full funds for his Kickstarter campaign and is moving into a more full scale production.  

Total Raised, $400