What is ACRO YOGA?

Acro yoga is a combination of acrobatics and yoga involving two or more people. It can most commonly be associated with flying like an "airplane" when you were little and flew on your parents feet! Different poses and transitions are practiced between a base, a flier, and a spotter.

Why Acro yoga?

At Be Love Yoga Studio, we are passionate about our Acro Yoga for many reasons. It's fun, it builds trust and communication, and it helps us to connect deeper to the beautiful people in our community - just to name a few. It's great for couples, friends or family! Come solo or bring a buddy, anyone and everyone is welcome to join us every Wednesday night in Tulsa at 7pm for beginners acro! 

Do i have to have acrobatic or yoga experience?

No. Whether you are a professional acrobat or have never stepped foot in a yoga studio, come play with us, all are welcome. You can bring a friend or come solo and partner up with different people! We are always covering the basics and building from there. 

What should i wear?

Girls - It is helpful to wear clothes that are cotton-based and are not slick. 

Guys - Wear loose fitting pants or shorts that are somewhat tight (feel free to wear basketball shorts underneath). 

Join the #beloveacrocommunnity every Wednesday night at 7pm at the Tulsa studio.

We hope to see you! Acro yoga is a fun and unique experience you will never forget!